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Since 1982, the Goodman® brand has focused on helping millions of homeowners to achieve a reliable interior comfort, high quality and affordable products that continue to be manufactured and assembled in the US. UU. As a result, the mark Goodman has earned the loyalty and respect of miles of independent local heating and cooling professionals in North America.


Series System Air Conditioners

Goodman lives up to its name in a big way, with time-tested energy-efficient technology, highly durable materials, and on-time manufacturing.

Goodman® Condenser GSX14 Series 14 SEER/ 1.5 – 5 TONS.

Products Features

  1. Energy-efficient compressors are designed to efficiently deliver indoor comfort, possibly saving on monthly energy costs.
  2. A single-speed permanent split capacitor (PSC) condenser fan motor is designed to provide consistent airflow for optimum system performance.
  3. Filter-driers play a pivotal role in the operation of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. A factory installed filter-drier absorbs and filter”s residual system contaminants and moisture.
  4. Fully charged with enough refrigerant for 15 ‘tube length to help with easy unit installation.
  5. Contractors can securely connect cables with large screw terminals, allowing fast and robust wiring.
  6. Meets performance requirements for AHRI certification and meets North American ETL security standards.
  7. Contractors can easily and securely connect the ground wire with a screw lug.
  8. Copper coil tubes with enhanced aluminum fins increase the heat absorption area, providing excellent energy efficient heat transfer performance.

MODELS #: GSX14 Series


  • Low consumption Copeland® scroll compressor.
  • Factory installed filter drier.
  • Copper tube / aluminum fin coil.
  • Service valves with sweat connections and easily accessible gauge ports.
  • Contactor with terminal connection.
  • Ground terminal connection.
  • AHRI certified.
  • Superior sound-controlled design with Goodman® brand grille.
  • Protective steel grill.
  • Large gauge galvanized steel cabinet.
  • Attractive Architectural Gray powder coat finish with 500 hour salt spray approval.
  • Top and side maintenance access.
  • Single panel access to controls with space provided for field installed accessories.

GSX140241 / 2 TONS   READ MORE

Goodman® Air Handlers ARUF Series /2 – 5 TONS.

Products Features

  1. Goodman® ARUF Air Handlers with
  2. All-Aluminum evaporator coils provide you with reliable, energyefficient and affordable indoor comfort.
  3. All-Aluminum Evaporator Coil
  4. Designed for efficient heat transfer and durable performance and corrosion resistance due to rust.
  5. Field-installed Electric Heat – From 3-25 kW for emergency heat, if ever needed.
  6. The art of precision – the MBR Blower Motor
  7. Modular Configurations with Upflow, Counterflow and Horizontal Positions – Allows for easy installation of unit regardless of your application.
  8. Field-Installed Heat Strips – From 3-20 kW for emergency heating, if ever needed.



  • Three-hole condensate pan.
  • Suitable for horizontal, vertical, upflow, or downflow installations.
  • Screw-less sides and back prevents condensation.
  • New SmartFrame cabinet construction.
  • Multiple electrical knockouts.
  • Improved condensate management.
  • Glue-less cabinet insulation retention.
  • Galvanized leather-grain embossed finish.
  • Direct-drive, multi-speed motor.
  • Coil-mounting track for quick repositioning.
  • All-aluminum evaporator coil.
  • AHRI Certified; ETL Listed.
  • 21″ cabinet depth for easy attic access. HKS heat kits sold separateley.
  • 208/230V.


Goodman® Heat Kits 10, 15, 20 Kws.

Products Features

  • Integrated Circuit Breaker. The HKSC10XC includes a factory-installed circuit breaker to protect your home’s electrical system from damaging short circuits and overloads.
  • Multi-Stage Operation. Goodman electric heat kits are compatible with multi-stage heating controls. This makes it easy to ensure your home receives as much, or as little, heat as it needs.
  • Durable Design. Goodman uses rust-resistant nickel chromium for the MBR’s heat elements, improving the unit’s longevity and performance.



  • Designed for higher airflow requirements.
  • Available with or without circuit breakers.
  • Ship without the electric heater cover plate installed but the heater cover will be included with the literature packet if needed in no heat applications.
  • For use with ARPT, ARUF, ASPT, AVPTC, & AVPVC, DVPTC, DVPEC & DVPVC air handlers.


Additional information

Weight 249.35 lbs
Dimensions 61.41 × 52.74 × 91.6 in

Condenser Model

Air Handler Model

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