3.5 TON 14 SEER Goodman Heat Pump, Air Handler and Heat kit



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The Goodman is a good low cost option as it provides efficiency and comfort by being made of high quality materials to provide a superior environment in your home.


Series System Heating

Goodman lives up to its name in a big way, with time-tested energy-efficient technology, highly durable materials, and on-time manufacturing.

Goodman® Heat Pump GSZ14 Series 14 SEER/ 1.5 – 5 TONS.

Products Features

  • Energy-efficient compressors are designed to efficiently deliver indoor comfort, possibly saving on monthly energy costs.
  • A single-speed permanent split capacitor (PSC) condenser fan motor is designed to provide consistent airflow for optimum system performance.
  • Filter-driers play a pivotal role in the operation of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. A factory installed filter-drier absorbs and filter”s residual system contaminants and moisture.
  • Ensures refrigerant is ready even in extreme external temperatures.
  • Prevents condensation of refrigerant in the crankcase of a compressor.
  • Reduces pass-through vibration noise from compressor operation.
  • A high-pressure switch prevents the system from operating at extremely high pressures by shutting off the compressor circuit if the pressure exceeds the designated rating. When a refrigeration system operates at lower than normal pressures, the low-pressure switch prevents freezing from working its way to the compressor.
  • Time-delay defrost technology allows for a reliable, quiet, and smooth transition when units enter defrost mode.
  • Contractors can securely connect wires with large screw lugs, allowing for quick and solid wiring.
  • Fully charged with refrigerant sufficient for 15’ of tubing length to assist with easy installation of unit.
  • Meets the performance requirements for AHRI certification and complies with ETL North American safety standards.
  • Copper coil tubing with enhanced aluminum fins increases the area for heat absorption, providing outstanding, energy-efficient heat transfer performance.

MODELS #: GSX14 Series


  • High efficiency scroll compressor.
  • High pressure and low pressure switch.
  • Factory installed bi-flow filter-drier.
  • Time-initiated, temperature-terminated defrost control.
  • 850 RPM condenser fan motor.
  • Copper tube/enhanced aluminum fin coil.
  • Regional efficiency standards are now in effect. Make sure you adhere to all National, State and Local efficiency standards in effect in your region.
  • 208/230V.

GSZ140421/ 3.5 TONS   READ MORE

Goodman® Air Handlers ARUF Series /2 – 5 TONS.

Products Features

  1. Goodman® ARUF Air Handlers with
  2. All-Aluminum evaporator coils provide you with reliable, energyefficient and affordable indoor comfort.
  3. All-Aluminum Evaporator Coil
  4. Designed for efficient heat transfer and durable performance and corrosion resistance due to rust.
  5. Field-installed Electric Heat – From 3-25 kW for emergency heat, if ever needed.
  6. The art of precision – the MBR Blower Motor
  7. Modular Configurations with Upflow, Counterflow and Horizontal Positions – Allows for easy installation of unit regardless of your application.
  8. Field-Installed Heat Strips – From 3-20 kW for emergency heating, if ever needed.



  • Three-hole condensate pan.
  • Suitable for horizontal, vertical, upflow, or downflow installations.
  • Screw-less sides and back prevents condensation.
  • New SmartFrame cabinet construction.
  • Multiple electrical knockouts.
  • Improved condensate management.
  • Glue-less cabinet insulation retention.
  • Galvanized leather-grain embossed finish.
  • Direct-drive, multi-speed motor.
  • Coil-mounting track for quick repositioning.
  • All-aluminum evaporator coil.
  • AHRI Certified; ETL Listed.
  • 21″ cabinet depth for easy attic access. HKS heat kits sold separateley.
  • 208/230V.


Goodman® Heat Kits 10, 15, 20 Kws.

Products Features

  • Integrated Circuit Breaker. The HKSC10XC includes a factory-installed circuit breaker to protect your home’s electrical system from damaging short circuits and overloads.
  • Multi-Stage Operation. Goodman electric heat kits are compatible with multi-stage heating controls. This makes it easy to ensure your home receives as much, or as little, heat as it needs.
  • Durable Design. Goodman uses rust-resistant nickel chromium for the MBR’s heat elements, improving the unit’s longevity and performance.



  • Designed for higher airflow requirements.
  • Available with or without circuit breakers.
  • Ship without the electric heater cover plate installed but the heater cover will be included with the literature packet if needed in no heat applications.
  • For use with ARPT, ARUF, ASPT, AVPTC, & AVPVC, DVPTC, DVPEC & DVPVC air handlers.


Additional information

Weight 455.7 lbs
Dimensions 67.3 × 71.3 × 113 in

Heat Pump Model

Air Handler Model

Heat Kit Model



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