3 TON 14 SEER Coleman Heat Pump, Air Handler and Heat kit (B)



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Coleman® brand residential air conditioning systems have been a trusted icon in the United States for many years. They are known for their robustness and reliability, their products stand the test of time and are energy savers, up to 29 percent more efficient for air conditioners with a seasonal energy efficiency index of 14. This heritage of quality and durability is built into every Coleman® HVAC system that is built to strict tolerances and rigorous testing.


Series System Heating

Advanced manufacturing processes and extreme product testing create long-term performance, money-saving efficiency, and comfort you can trust.

Coleman® Heat Pump TH4 Series 14 SEER/ 1.5 – 5 TONS.

Products Features

  • Seasonal cooling energy efficiency ratio of 14 and
    a seasonal heating efficiency coefficient of performance of 8.2
    • Finned coil tube
    • The coil guard consisting of an extruded sheet breather
    protects your investment while providing easy access
    • On-demand defrost ensures faster and more efficient defrosting regardless of outside temperature
    • Single-phase and three-phase devices available (THE)

MODELS #: TH4 Series


  • Coated steel wire fan guard.
  • High pressure relief valve and temperature sensor.
  • High and low pressure switches.
  • Factory installed filter-drier.
  • Low operating sound levels.
  • Diagonal base valves.
  • 208/230V.
  • Regional efficiency standards are now in effect. Make sure you adhere to all National, State, and Local efficiency standards in effect in your region.


Coleman® Air Handlers AP Series /1.5 – 5 TONS.

Products Features

  1. Proven performance. More than125,000 hours of system research, 5 yearsof accelerated field testing and extreme weather testing from +140°F to -10°F ensure reliable performance for years to come.
  2. Quality backing. Tried-and-true quality control and assembly processes backed by the manufacturing expertise of Johnson Controls.
  3. Improved efficiency. Matched components use less energy without impacting performance.
  4. Space and budget friendly. Small-footprint cabinets deliver big performance to meet your space and budget needs.
  5. Environmentallysafe. We use R-410A, a refrigerant that doesn’t deplete the ozone layer, to ensure your system is safe for the environment.

MODELS #: AP Series


  • Upflow, downflow, and horizontal left or right.
  • Rigid case construction interior endoskeleton.
  • Direct-drive multi-speed PSC motor.
  • MaxAlloy™ coil.
  • Single piece with no external screws.
  • Foil faced insulation.
  • Thermoset drain pan.
  • 2% or less total airflow leakage rate.
  • 1″ standard.
  • Size filter.
  • 6HK heat kits sold separately.
  • 208/230V.

AP30BX21 / 2.5  TONS   READ MORE

Coleman® Heat Kits 10, 15, 20 Kws.

Products Features

  • Coleman has long been known for its innovation and quality in the HVAC industry.
  • You can get safety performance and reliability.
  • Multi-stage operation.
  • Durable design.

MODELS #: 6HK Series


  • For installation in Coleman AVC, AE, AP, MP, ME, MVC, AHR, AHE, AHV Air Handlers, PCE4/6, PHE4/6, PHG4/6, Single Phase packege A/C units.
  • Evcon RFCX*P2, RFCX*E2, RFCX*P & RFCX*E Air Handlers.

S1-6HK16501506 / 15 KW   READ MORE



Additional information

Weight 349.25 lbs
Dimensions 82.9 × 69.2 × 99.5 in

Heat Pump Model

Air Handler Model

Heat Kit Model



The Heat Pumps, Air Handlers and the Heat Kit comes with Coleman® standard 10 year parts warranty with online registration through the manufacturer. An installation that follows your state and local codes is required for the warranty to be upheld.

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